Ep: 169 - Retro Home Decor

March 20, 2019

What do you remember you house looking like growing up? Shag carpet, knitted owls, Some kind of multi – colored wall paper?  In this episode, we are keeping with our Retro series and talking about Retro Home Décor. How retro was your home growing up?

Ep: 168 - Ashley Marie Gorbulja-Maldonado

March 19, 2019

In this episode we sit down with Army Veteran and Founder/CEO of GuideOn Education Consulting LLC, Ashley Marie Gorbulja-Maldonado.  Take a listen as we get the opportunity to learn about Ashley and everything she has accomplished at an early age. From Entrepreneur, Legionnaire to Veteran Program Consultant, to 2019 Ms. Veteran America Semi-Finalist, Ashley is always on the go and helping others in the veteran community reach their full potential. Hear what her “Decision Hour” is and what’s next for her.


Check out her website: https://guideoneducation.com

Ep: 167 – TBI Warrior Foundation

March 17, 2019

Great show lined up for you today as Adam & Patti talk with U.S. Army retired Sergeant First Class Victor Medina, MRC, CRC who is a Purple Heart recipient, and his with his wife Dr. Roxana Delgado.  They are the founders of TBI WarriorÒFoundation.

Victor and Roxana decided to reach beyond their own struggles and advocate for other Veterans with TBI, becoming National Traumatic Brain Injury Advocates. They identified gaps in TBI diagnosis and treatment, which they brought to the attention of military and civilian leadership to help shape new military healthcare policies: a mission that would eventually result in a Congressional Record. They are both active in the military, veteran and caregiver community.

Hear more of their story and take a listen to their “Decision Hour” moment. 

Ep: 165 - Retro Food & Candy

March 7, 2019

It’s Retro Thursday and this week we are talking about one of our favorite topics… FOOD!

Take a listen as Adam & Patti take you back to your childhood dinner table or your favorite Soda pop stand!

Pot roast and potatoes, Mac and Cheese with hotdogs cut up in it?  Or maybe you were down at the local A&W getting root beer floats and Fun Dips?  What are somethings you ate as a kid?


Ep: 164 - American Snipers with special guest Brian Sain

March 5, 2019

Great interview for you today with Community Hero, Brian Sain from the American Snipers Organization. (www.americansnipers.org)


Take a listen as we talk with Brain about his 30+ years in Law Enforcement, as a Sniper and as a Sniper Instructor.  Hear about his unique viewpoint as a Law Enforcement Sniper on supporting our Military snipers in the war on terror.  We discuss how American Sniper organization came into existence and what they do to support our Military.

Ep: 163 - Retro Music with Steve Black

March 5, 2019

It’s Retro Thursday, today’s topic… MUSIC!  We bring on a very special gust, He is Author and Radio legend and the Host of ‘The Chop Shop Guitar Show’ Mr Steve Black!  

Take a listen as we talk about some retro bands and singers we listened to growing up and hear about Steve’s journey in the Radio business, more then 500 concerts in his career, who he’s meet and hear who he picks if he was to create his own band, (Amazing line up)

What was some of your favorite music, singers or band growing up?

Ep: 162 - Censorship with Special Guest Aaron Childress

February 26, 2019

In this episode, we discuss Censorship with Special Guest Aaron Childress. 

It seems that some social media platforms are starting to censor accounts that might not be in line with their beliefs, and we talk about what happens to the people and businesses whose accounts are deleted with no explanation

Ep: 161- Retro TV and Movies

February 21, 2019

Its Throw Back Thursday!  Take a listen as we continue our RETRO series. 

In this episode Adam & Patti discuss some of the T.V. shows and Movies they watched growing up.   What are some shows or movies you watched as a kid?

Ep: 160 - Privacy

February 19, 2019

How important is privacy to you?  To your family?  How much privacy do yo really have?  Take a listen as Adam & Patti talk about why privacy is important, things you can do and things to lookout for. 

Ep: 159 - Retro Video Games

February 14, 2019

It’s THROWBACK Thursday, which mean all things RETRO!  Adam & Patti thought it would be fun to do a Retro series for the next several weeks.  This weeks Throwback… Retro Video Games! 

Now to be clear, we count “Retro” from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  So think back when you were growing up and the video games you used to play.   What are they?  Take a listen to some of our favorites.