The Decision Hour
Ep: 231 - Making Decisions

Ep: 231 - Making Decisions

July 25, 2020

This was not our typical episode.  This week I asked Patti Katter to come back on the show, and before we even hit the start button, we got into a really good conversation about making decisions and how different men and women may or may not be when making them.

How do you make a decision?  Are Men and Women very different when it comes to making decisions?  What is your thought process when it comes to making decisions? 


Something you will learn (3:38) “It has been scientifically proven that men have a nothing box in their brain.” ~ Patti.   Find out what we mean by this HINT: Take Notes!

Ep: 230 - WarHero2SuperHero with Daniel Faust

Ep: 230 - WarHero2SuperHero with Daniel Faust

July 15, 2020

Daniel Faust is a author, speaker, and a training professional with nearly 20 years of experience.  In addition, he has serving in the United States Air Force since 2000. Daniel  also runs a business called Learn & Live, a company that  offers training in consultation, workshop, seminars, social media, and even books.  He is also a host fo a T.V. Show called warhero2superhero which airs on Wednesdays at 7:30 PST here 

Ep: 229 - Feed your soul Chef Ryan Rondeno

Ep: 229 - Feed your soul Chef Ryan Rondeno

June 10, 2020

From Louisiana, to the Kitchens of the rich and famous!  Chef Ryan Rondeno, joins us on this week’s episode of The Decision Hour. We dive right in to learn more about Chef Ryan, and how it all started for him to finding his way and cooking for some very notable names such as, Will Smith, Diddy, Common, Xhibit and companies like Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz.

We discuss how he is making his lavish and tasty recipes available to YOU right now! Checkout out his website 

Chef Ryan also take a moment and shares some of his tricks that can help you in the kitchen. Make sure to check out Rondeno Spice Collection (Nola Creole Rub, Citrus Herb Rub, and Ancho-Chili BBQ Rub) these are designed to help cooks of all levels enhance the flavor of your dish.  Warning, listening to this episode might make you hungry!

Be sure to follow Chef Ryan on Social Media for more tricks, tips and Recipes at




Ep: 228 - SchoolQuest - Judy Glennon, Military Child Education Coalition

Ep: 228 - SchoolQuest - Judy Glennon, Military Child Education Coalition

June 2, 2020

If you are a military family with kids you don’t want to miss this show.  In this episode I sit down with my friend Judy Glennon.  Judy is the Parent Initiatives Program Manager at Military Child Education Coalition (  We discuss the release of their newest online resource ‘SchoolQuest’an interactive tool specially designed to support highly mobile military families and students with school transitions and the 6ththrough 12thgrade academic journey.


SchoolQuest Tools & Features include:


  • StudentQuest Academic Tracker.  Monitor and plan students' academic career progress from 6th to 12th grade. 
  • Student Profile.  Customized student profiles automatically compile important details and deadlines for quick views and access. 
  • Online Community.  Connect with other military parents to build relationships and benefit from sharing experiences and information in a safe and private online space. 
  • Reminders & Notifications.  Set reminders for important deadlines and get notified about them automatically in time to act. 
  • Personalized Checklists.  Time-bound, student-specific information compiled into accessible lists. 
  • School Search Capabilities.  The GreatSchools, Niche and DoDEA search function researches and aggregates schools in the next community where you PCS.  

"This project would NOT have been possible without the generous support of USAA Foundation.  They have walked beside us all along the way and underwrote this entire project.  They have a true heart for military-connected children and families and SchoolQuest is only possible because of their vision and commitment to providing the very best support for our military families." ~Judy Glennon~


Here is a short clip of Judy explaining School Quest

“We're really, really excited to introduce our relaunch and redesign of our school quest. Parent transition tool, okay. years ago, we had school quest, and it was a website and a repository of information. People could go into it and find information, but it was just it was a website, and you get to the website, you have to dig. And it linked to a lot of other things. But there was a lot of digging involved and our new platform, there's not a lot of digging involved. It's all we're trying to serve it up for you, so what we have on school quest, and it's just we have an academic tracker that will allow parents to monitor and plan their student's academic career. And it's designed for middle school and high school families, especially the academic tracker. We address exceptional needs children, we address kids who may be on a math pathway. We address topics for career and technical education, and so you pick the things that your student is interested in, or the things that you're interested in for your students, you put them in the grade that you want your students to take those things and it follows along the way.

And every one of these different categories in the academic tracker has three things… It has things to know, so that's where we put out general information and then sometimes very specific information about that topic. Questions to Ask, so if your student isn't interested in career and technical education, you just don't know what that is. There's a bunch of questions that you can ask and either of the school or some other parent that maybe have a child in that environment, ask a teacher, ask a friend, whatever. And then, Resources. So there are links to page after page of websites of MCEC resources, you'll find webinars that we've done on the topic there, links to podcasts that may be on that topic, just a ton of information in and that's just in the academic track. And then, when you first get to school quest, you know, every parent, we want them to set up their family dashboard, their profile, and you can have, you have then create a persona for each one of your students.”

For more information or questions about SchoolQuestTM,please email

Ep: 227 - Staying Positive in a Negative Atmosphere

Ep: 227 - Staying Positive in a Negative Atmosphere

May 26, 2020

Are you a Positive or Negative person?


Do you ever feel like there is just a dark cloud that follows you around, if so have you ever asked yourself why? Perhaps it’s time to really take a look at your thoughts, and what it is you are putting out in to the world.  

A lot of people say “it’s hard to be positive when so many bad (or negative) things are happening… The thing is, it’s just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative, it’s a choice. Staying positive in a negative atmosphere is what we are talking about in this episode.  Here’s a clip from the episode,


Listen here's the thing, folks. You got to choose to be positive. You're  going to get what you put out. So if you're putting out a bunch of negative stuff, don't be surprised if that's what you get back. It's that simple. It’s be so easy because there's so much negative going on. That's fine. You know what, if you want to make that excuse, that's fine. here's the here's the thing though. It's just as easy to pick out all the positive things as well. You just have to choose.

Ep: 226 - Sparks of Hope

Ep: 226 - Sparks of Hope

May 22, 2020

How do you recognize or handle Fear? If you're unsure, don't worry because this weeks episode will give you some Sparks of Hope. 

Shã Sparks is the CEO/Founder of Sparks of Hope and the Host of 'The Power of Inve$ting in People" podcast. Shã is also a author, business consultant and a Fearless Living Coach! We dive right in have some fun and peel back some layers. Don't be afraid, there is nothing to fear. Listen for yourself.

Ep: 225 - Shenanigans, COVID-19, Current Events and more

Ep: 225 - Shenanigans, COVID-19, Current Events and more

May 13, 2020

The title says it all, this is the first show in Months where Adam and Patti are both on so they catch you up on what’s been going on.  They talk about current events and what’s happening with Covid-19.  Adam doesn’t hold back on his displeasure for mainstream media and what he thinks is happening which leads into them talking about Conspiracy Theories!  Yup, a whole lot of Shenanigans. Make YOUR Decision Hour to not live in fear.

Ep: 224 - Swords and Saints with Robert Adams, MD

Ep: 224 - Swords and Saints with Robert Adams, MD

May 5, 2020

On this episode of The Decision Hour Host Adam Bird sits down with Robert Adams, MD.  Bob spent 36 years severing in the United States Military. Graduated from the Navel Academy, became a Navy Seal and then later in his career decided he wanted to get into medicine, After 18 years in the Navy, Bob changed branches of service and became an Army officer, went to medical school and spent another 18 years in the Army as a Doctor before retiring as DELTA Force Command Surgeon. After Retiring from the Military, Dr. Adams opened up his own successful private practice in North Carolina where he won numerous awards for clinical excellence and practiced for 13 years before retiring in 2020.  Dr. Robert Adams is the definition of a Community Hero.

Bob is also a very successful author, writing his first book ‘Six Days of Impossible’ Navy Seal Hell Week A Doctor Looks Back. It’s about the 11 men in his class who graduated,, you get an inside look of what made them successful when so many fail.

In 2020, Dr. Bob Adams put out his second book, ‘Swords and Saints, A doctor’s Journey’. This book is about the life and medical career of a Navy Seal turned Doctor.  Inspiring, Motivating and very Educational.


You can check out Dr. Bobs author page and order both his books here:

Ep: 223 - Stephanie Narita, CEO of GFI Apparel

Ep: 223 - Stephanie Narita, CEO of GFI Apparel

April 28, 2020

On this week’s episode of The Decision Hour I am joined by the CEO of GFI Apparel, StephanieNarita.

 Stephanie Narita is a former military spouse with more than a decade of experience in Human Resources, Office Management and Business Acquisitions. She returned to school in 2018, after deciding she wanted to shift her focus towards Health and Education. Her overall aspiration is to become a doctor for high risk children and she is set to graduate from Arizona State University in the Fall of 2020. From there she will apply for medical school and is setting her eyes towards UCSD or UC Irvine.


Take a listen as she shares her story on how she manages to keep it all together while being a full-time mother, a full-time student and running a business.  


Ep: 222 – Fall In 360 with Mario Aguirre

Ep: 222 – Fall In 360 with Mario Aguirre

April 25, 2020

BONUS show this week. Mario has been a friend for more than a dozen years, dating back to our time in the National Guard and then working in the veteran community.  He is a fellow podcast host and has a funny show called Fall In 360. Take a listen as we sit down and catch up on what’s going on and mark your calendars for May 5th2020, as a NEW SEASON of Fall In 360 will be live!   Follow him on Facebook

A little about Mario…
Mario A. Aguirre is an Army Veteran of 11 years, having done two tours of Operation Iraqi Freedom he is well aware of the issues and barriers our returning veterans face today. He has extensive experience with veterans employment and helping them find resources. Mario also runs the Fall In 360 podcast which encompasses inspiring and humorous interviews and stories. While much of the program is based towards a Military, Veteran, Law Enforcement and all First Responder type audience, it really is an adult community show that anyone can understand and enjoy. The show includes both serious and fun conversations.

Take a listen and enjoy!