Ep: 115 - Keeping It Simple Vol. 2 - Prioritize

April 26, 2018

Volume 2 - Adam Bird & Patti Katter talk about Prioritizing Life!

What's important in your life? Business priorities, personal priorities.. Adam & Patti talk about ways to keep your life simple by helping you figure out what your priorities are and how to focus on things that really matter.

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Ep: 114 - Dont Sweat the small stuff

April 13, 2018

The Keeping it Simple Series has begun on The Decision Hour!

Volume 1 - Adam Bird & Patti Katter talk about why it's important NOT to sweat the small stuff. They are positive, upbeat, real and encouraging.

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Ep: 113 - Hit the Gym

April 6, 2018

Whether you are a gym guru or just thinking about making it to your local gym, this episode of The Decision Hour is just for you! Adam discusses some of his experience of his, "good ol' days" of being a trainer and Patti pipes in with her funny, yet satisfying gym experiences. This is an episode you won't want to miss.


Ep: 112 - Parenting

April 4, 2018

Tune in to this episode of The Decision Hour to hear Adam and Patti talk about the important topic of PARENTING. Adam and Patti share some of their viewpoints on Parenting and invite you all to SHARE your tips and advice.


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Ep: 111 - Elisa Camara, Author of Patriot Pup

March 29, 2018

In this episode we sit down and talk with Elisa Camara, Author American Brother and Patriot Pup. The books were written to honor my brother, USMC Sgt. Mecot Camara, who was killed in the Beirut Bombing of 1983.  It was the largest loss of life for the Marines since the Tet Offensive and the largest recorded non nuclear explosion to take place on Earth.

Elisa is currently writing the Patriot Pup book series to teach patriotism to our children with an adorable, adventuresome pup.  Her brother and her son are the main characters alongside Patriot Pup. 

Listen in as she shares her "Decision Hour" and how she continues to honor her brother.

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We are BACK!

March 21, 2018

It has been far to long!  The Decision Hour is back and we have a new face to welcome, Patti Katter!  Patti and Adam have ben talking about doing a show for a while now and here is their chance.  Adjust the volume and get ready for a good time as they will cover anything and EVERYTHING.  The show will stil have a. serious side, but it will also have a fun side and always a side where they are adding value to the world.  


Take a listen, because it doesn't take these two very long to get into some shenanigans!

Get ready everyone... They are HERE! 


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Ep: 109 - Henri Duong CEO at Alpha GRX

December 18, 2017

Life can be full of surprises and it’s safe to say full of lessons.  In this episode I sit down with U.S. Air Force Veteran and the founder of Alpha GRX (www.alphagrx.com) Mr. Henri Duong.  I just happened to meet Henri in a group we both belong to on social media and after looking at his site I thought I would reach out.  Little did I know at the time what and amazing story he has.


Listen in as Henri shares his story from when he came to the United States at the age 9 and English was his third language.  He shares his personal story what it was like for him growing up with a single parent, in a new place trying to make friends, to his early successes in business.  Henri then shares how he made the decision to join the military at the age 30, and how it al leads to what he has created now known as… Alpha GRX.


NOTE: If you go to Alphagrx.com… Use Promo code HMG30 to get $30 off orders of $100 or more!


Music by: Dave Bray at DaveBrayUSA.com




Ep: 108 - Sean Ricks, Founder/CEO of Ricks Roasters

December 4, 2017

In this episode I get to talk with my friend Mr. Sean Ricks.  I had just met. Sean not to long ago at an event at Georgetown University where he was giving out samples of his coffee roasts.  Little did I know at the time that this coffee was going to change my life.


Sean has a great story, he is one of our nations Heroes still serving on Active Duty in the Navy and getting ready to retire.  Hear how Sean stared his company Ricks Roasters (www.ricksroasters.com) with the purpose of giving back to the homeless veteran community.  He and his wife are amazing people with big hearts and the work they doing in the community is award winning.  


Ever wanted to start your own business?  Maybe you want to roast coffee?  We happen to know the right folks that can help you!  Be sure to check out Ricks Roasters and order your coffee today. Side-note - Try the Heroes United blend… we hear its awesome! www.ricksroasters.com


Ep: 107 - Travis Mathis Claim Academy

October 27, 2017

Take a listen as I sit down in this episode with U.S. Army Veteran Mr. Travis Mathis.

Hear Travis’s story as he shares his experience in the military and after several combat tours, his “Decision Hour” came upon him which landed him where he is today at Claim Academy claimacademystl.com/ 

Claim Academy is a St. Louis-based developer boot camp that offers 12-week classes in Full Stack Java and .NET/C# programming, as well as shorter classes in software development, technology and career development. Claim Academy promises to transform novices into industry ready, software developers/software engineers through rigorous coursework taught in-person by expert instructors. 

Claim Academy has a 95% placement rate and graduates, make, on average, $58,000 per year as a starting salary. Claim Academy graduates are currently employed, or are contracted with, some of the area’s top companies, including MasterCard, Scottrade, Centene, Mercy, RGA, Daugherty Business Systems, and others.




Ep: 106 - Sean Lau - Veteran Recruiter at GoDaddy

October 20, 2017

Was great to sit down and talk with 22yr U.S. Navy Veteran and Veteran Recruiter at GoDaddy Mr. Sean Lau.  Sean talked about his background in the military and his role at GoDaddy.  He spoke very highly of GoDaddy and the Veteran Employee Resource Group and how they welcome new veterans to the company.  We discussed the “Veteran Culture Tour” that will be taking place on Oct 26 at GoDaddy’s Tempe office in Tempe, Arizona.  


If you are a veteran or spouse of one, go and check out this open house that GoDaddy is putting on.  This company is all about veterans, and little known fact for those that don’t know… GoDaddy Founder is a veteran. For more informatioon on the event, go to