Ep: 097- Creator of FITWHEY, Mr. Erik Rothchild

July 27, 2017

If you are into fitness, health and wellness then listen up.  In this episode I talk with U.S. Army Veteran and the Creator of the popular protein energy drink,FitWhey Mr. Erik Rothchild.  

Erik shares his amazing story about how he was working for a company and making really good money to making a decision to quit his job and go all in with the idea he had been playing around with for some time.  

He founded his company BFIT Brands which are the makers of his creation FITWHEY Protein + Energy drink.  It all started with the idea of wanting caffeine and protein in the morning before and during his workouts and what happens next?… Well take a listen. 

Be sure to check out drinkfitwhey.com, you can now order your favorite flavor on Amazon!