Ep: 100 - Lila Holley - Camouflaged Sisters

August 25, 2017

This was a very special episode. Not only because it was the 100th show we have done but it was who we had as a guest.  In the 100th episode I sit down with U.S. Army Veteran, Visionary Author, Speaker, 3x Award winning, Best selling Author, podcast host, the woman behind the Camouflaged Sisters movement and my dear friend Mrs. Lila Holley.

It’s been a little over a year since Lila has been on the show, since then she has become apart of the Heroes Media Group family with her show “In Sessions with the Camouflaged Sisters” where she sits down and interviews her co-authors of the books she has put together.  Lila, is a true leader in every meaning of the word.  Her vision of capturing the experiences of women who have served makes everything she does educational.  Every episode she has ever recorded, there is something that people can learn from.  

In this episode Lila catches us up on everything that has been going on, from trips, books, expanding the Camouflaged Sisters brand and share with us about a NEW book that is coming out “Behind the RANK”.  This is another must read!  Order your copy today at www.camouflagedsisters.com