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Ep: 252 - Midlife Craving with Adrienne Hollister

Ep: 252 - Midlife Craving with Adrienne Hollister

May 20, 2021

What does “Midlife Craving” mean?


I sit down with the Host of Midlife Craving Podcast, Adrienne Hollister.  She is redefining Midlife and is talking about ALL of it.  Adrienne is not afraid to talk about anything and everything… Relationships, Dating, Being a single parent, Addictions, Sex, Being a boss and so much more.  She doesn’t hold back in fact, she’s kicked down the door!  She has become famous fast with her “Just the Tip” segment that she put out every Tuesday.

Sit back, and take a listen as we get to know Adrienne better and hear what she is doing to help others that might have that, Midlife Craving!

Her “Just the Tip” segment has taken the show to a whole new levelThe Midlife Craving Podcast talks about everything… EVERYTHING. One of the segments each week is Tuesday’s Just the tip segment

Ep: 251 - Veterans Referring Veterans

Ep: 251 - Veterans Referring Veterans

May 13, 2021

What is Veterans Referring Veterans?  Find out as I sit down with Mr. Justin Clark the founder and visionary behind Veterans Referring Veterans (VRV).

Justin shares his experience being in the Air Force and shares a story about, losing his fingers! After being medically retired after seventeen years of service he didn’t want anything to do with the community, he wanted to just be alone.  Until one day he realized he was missing something, that something was camaraderie.  From there VRV started to take form. Take a listen!

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Ep: 260 - Delivering Happiness with Peter Samuelson

Ep: 260 - Delivering Happiness with Peter Samuelson

April 23, 2021

On this episode of the Decision Hour we get to talk with Producer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Media Executive and Philanthropist, Mr. Peter Samuelson

Peter is the Co-Founder and President of First Star, ( CEO of PhilmCo Media llc,( Mr. Samuelson is a serial pro-social entrepreneur.

We dive into Peter's life as he shares his upbringing and how he got to where he is today.  We discuss the companies and foundations he has started over the years.

In 1982 he co-founded the Starlight Children’s Foundation; ( 1990 the positive psychological impact of Starlight seeded his next pro-social endeavor, Starbright World, ( which he co-founded with Steven Spielberg, which he share a great story about their first meeting.

In 1999, Peter saw the formation of First Star, In 2005 recognizing that there is a homeless crisis in the United States, Peter creates, (EDAR) Everyone Deserves a Roof, ( a listen as to what these units are, how they designed and how you can get involved.

In 2013, he launch’s  ASPIRE, the Academy for Social Purpose in Responsible Entertainment. (

In the midst of all this Peter has produced 26 films and raised four children.  Everyday he continues to fight for those less fortunate, chief among them America’s abused and neglected children.  More about Mr. Peter Samuelson here:

Take a look at these organizations, get involved.  One of the things we discussed in this episode is, just how crazy the world is today.  What's the easiest way to put aside our differences?  Volunteer.  Take a listen. 

Ep: 259 - Education that works with Zoie Hoffman

Ep: 259 - Education that works with Zoie Hoffman

April 15, 2021

Learning isn’t the same for everyone.  Find out how this Teacher started helping kids learn in a way that worked for them.


Take a listen as this week’s guest, Founder of Hoffman Tutoring Group, Zoie Hoffman shares her story and her passion of helping students learn.  Zoie is laying the foundation of future education and online tutoring!


“Graduating magna cum laude from Texas A&M University with my elementary education degree. I was married to an active duty military member, and during the first few years, I was unable to stay in one place long enough to get a  classroom teaching position. I still wanted to help students, so in 2015 I started tutoring one-on-one in Pensacola, Florida. In my first few months, I quickly saw the unmet need for personalized learning. My students didn't fit into the typical mold. The way subjects were taught in the classroom didn't work for them. I began tailoring sessions to each student's needs and learning style, and they saw academic improvements and an increase in confidence.”


If you have children From K-8th grade that need help with their classes, then you need to reach out to Zoie and her team!

Ep: 258 - Live Life Label Free with Deanna Kuempel

Ep: 258 - Live Life Label Free with Deanna Kuempel

April 12, 2021

What don’t you do?  I had to ask this  question right out the gate with this week’s guest, the incredible Deanna Kuempel.

Deanna Kuempel is a Fashion Designer, Beauty Queen (Ms. Chicago America Nation 2021), Skincare expert, former Executive Vice President, a Human trafficking survivor and the Host of Label Free Podcast (

Deanna opens up and shares what she has had overcome to get to where she is today. Get your running shoes on and keep up!

We discuss how she got into Fashion and her passion for it. We touch base on her experience with human trafficking and what she is doing now to help others and raise awareness about the topic.  Deanna tells us what it really takes to become a figure competitor and Beauty Queen.  We also talk about how, and why, she started her podcast show called Label Free podcast ( and what it’s done for her both personally and professionally.

“I feel like to live your best life, you need to live label free and not allow those societal expectations to hold you back and it really applies to anyone.”

We wrap up the show with Deanna sharing her Decision Hour –

“the easiest thing you can do, just decide what kind of person you want to be, how you want to start your day and just get up and be that example for the world. I mean, that’s, that’s at least what I’ve come to in the last five years. You know, I could have I could have lived my life in misery and the bitter and like, Oh my god, everything was taken away from me my husband passed away, or I just could decide to, I just want to be a happy person, and just be the best person I can be and just keep moving forward.”

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Ep: 257 - Protecting Freedoms with First Amendment Praetorian

Ep: 257 - Protecting Freedoms with First Amendment Praetorian

April 1, 2021

Take a listen as we sit down with Special Forces Veteran and the Founder of First Amendment Praetorian, Mr. Robert Patrick Lewis.

First Amendment Praetorian ( is a nonprofit made up of military, law enforcement and intelligence community veterans both male and is dedicated to providing intelligence and security services to grassroots events in order to ensure Americans may express their 1st Amendment-protected rights to freedom of speech, religion, assembly and political affiliation.

Where does the name First Amendment Praetorian name come from?

the praetorian comes from the old praetorian guard that protected the Caesar, they were the last line of defense they were the secret service and we feel the first amendment right there like that again is that quintessential American value the right to say whatever you want even if it even if it makes people mad even if some people don't agree with it. If speech isn't free for all of us it's not free for any of us, so we feel that right there is the it's what our praetorian guard is protecting.” ~Robert Patrick Lewis~ 

We discuss a lot of things that have been going on in our country and how things are supposed to be done in accordance to our nations constitution. How much do you know about the constitution? “Our system is supposed to be a Federalist Society, states’ rights overpower the federal government, federal government has a very small number of things they're supposed to do.” 

Ask yourself as you listen to this podcast… Do you really believe what mainstream media is telling you?  Do you trust the politicians that are in office? Are you willing to give up the freedoms you have?

Take a listen and find out the actual FACTS of what’s really going on in this country and what the “ideas” of some are really doing to this country. More importantly find out who’s funding these “ideas”.

It’s time to take a stand and get involved, it's time to protect our freedoms!

Get involved today:

Ep: 256 - Get Money with Shawn Flynn

Ep: 256 - Get Money with Shawn Flynn

March 26, 2021

GET MONEY!... Well, if you are a business owner or looking at starting a business get ready to take notes! Mr. Shawn Flynn joins me on this episode. Prepare yourself for lots of laughs and a ton on knowledge!

Shawn is a Principal at Global Capital Markets, a mid-market Investment bank focused on Merger & Acquisitions, Capital raising in both debt and equity along with secondaries and more.

Here are several questions we get answered in this show.

~How to Meet Investors?

~Preparing your startup for Investors?

~What types of companies do Angels and Venture Capitalists look for? And what’s the difference between the two?

~What do Investment Bankers do?

~What is a process for working with an Investment Banker?


Shawn is also the founder of the TV show “Silicon Valley Successes” and hosts the podcast “The Silicon Valley Podcast”.  We discuss what’s next for the show and some of the guests he has gotten to interview. Then we wrap up the show with Shawn sharing his “Decision Hour”.


Be sure to check out his podcast “The Silicon Valley Podcast” and if you have question reach out to him on LinkedIn:

Ep: 255 - Horsemanship, “Who’s Moving Whose Feet” with Mr. John Beachel

Ep: 255 - Horsemanship, “Who’s Moving Whose Feet” with Mr. John Beachel

March 18, 2021

I sit down with U.S. Army Veteran Mr. John Beachel. John travels  the country Offering Colt Starting, Horsemanship, Cow Working, Ranch Roping, Re-starting Race Horses, Problem Horse and De-Spooking Clinics.

If you ever get a chance to see John speak, do so, he doesn’t disappoint!  I recently got to sit down with John one Wednesday Night at the Woerth It Hollow farm before he started teaching Horsemanship to a group of veterans. John shares his story with us in this episode from growing up riding horses, his time in the military and being a single father to traveling all over the country working with horses.

Watching John work with a horse is like watching poetry in motion, smooth and relaxing.  He explains how to gain trust with the horse by taking the lead and how does one do this? “Who moves whose feet”

“So if I command and start directing that horse to move his feet and where he moves his feet, then he goes, Okay, you understand my language.”  

We wrap up the show with John sharing his "Decision Hour" that involves a judges gavel.

If you want to learn more about horses, Horsemanship then please do yourself a favor and contact John on Facebook


Host Note: Personal Experience – I’ve had the opportunity to be taught by John now for a few weeks.This experience is one I most certainly never thought I would ever experience. It’s been nothing short of amazing and it's one that I am forever grateful.

Ep: 254 - What’s in Your cup?  With Eric Balough, President/CEO, Ricks Roasters

Ep: 254 - What’s in Your cup? With Eric Balough, President/CEO, Ricks Roasters

March 12, 2021

What Type of coffee do you drink?  Do you know where your coffee came from?  This week’s topic is What’s in your Cup?  And I have my good friend Eric Balough, President/CEO of Rick’s Roasters.  Eric is still on Active duty about to retire and we discuss how he got into the coffee game.  He explains experimenting on his stove with a frying pan to now owning and running Rick’s Roasters.   Take a listen and get some education on the different types of coffee beans, what you should know when buying coffee, what the difference is between commercial and specialty coffees, best ways to brew coffee and a whole lot more! 

We wrap up the show with Eric sharing his Decision Hour about a time in Afghanistan and what it means to “having the right assets” 

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Ep: 253 - Mobile Home Money Makers

Ep: 253 - Mobile Home Money Makers

March 4, 2021

I sit down with a Edith Miaskowski and her son Nicholas and hear their story of moving to America, overcoming disabilities to changing the lives of other people.


Edith explains, they came to the United States in 1993, the reason was their oldest Daughter Samantha was born with a brain tumor, wanting a better life for her, Edith and her husband with $500 in their pocket and 2 suitcases moved to the United States. A few years later Nicholas was born (1995). Fast forward several years, May of 2006, Young Nicholas was diagnosed with a stage four Brain Tumor and he talks about his mindset and what he did to get better.


“And I got this Walker to help me you know, jumpstart and walking and well why this is significant is this is actually kind of propelling us to who we are today and what we're doing an offering for others. So forcing myself you know, learning to walk I learned that it's really important to stay focused on your goals and focused and determined and I always have a saying that in life we have two choices when we fail at something. So that's either we fail we fall over and we cry about it and pout and do absolutely nothing or we can involve, you can get back up, no matter how much your legs are shaking and how painful it is, you just do it, you get up and you move on forward.” ~Nicholas~


We then discuss the business of Golden Wing Mobile Homes ( the journey they have taken to get to where they are with the business right now, to include an online course they have created for beginners that show people how easy it is.

They then share one way of how they are paying it forward. They started handing out care packages to the homeless. And in 2017 they started their non-profit Golden Wing Helping Hands.

Since starting they have donated more than 2,000 care packages!
“it’s all about, you know, inspiring the future generations about the things that we do for other people, because that's really what it's all about building our communities stronger and inspiring more people”. 



Take a listen to the whole episode and please be sure to check out all of their websites!


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