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Ep: 213 - Break It Down with Pete A. Turner

Ep: 213 - Break It Down with Pete A. Turner

February 25, 2020

This week’s show Host Adam Bird Sits down with fellow Army Veteran, Podcaster, and friend Mr. Pete A. Turner.

Pete is a former U.S. Army spy, with over 1,000 combat patrols.  We discuss what his time was like while in the military and what he experienced during transition.  

Pete, is a fellow podcaster and professional podcast producer, and when you listen to his shows, it’s easy to see why he is one of the best in the business hands down! His show Break It Down Show, (a must listen too) pumps out episodes 5 days a week! We talk about his experience about podcasting and what he shares with new podcasters. He gives some GREAT tips for podcasters of all levels so take notes.

There is something NEW that Pete is working on, it is going to be a limited series, about 8 episodes long called ‘The Prison Chronicles’. Where Pete goes, and talks with a number of murders and others with significant crimes… Listen to what this series is going to be about, you will be surprised.

We wrap up the show with Pete sharing his Decision Hour. What/Who is Johnny Walker? Don’t miss his Decision Hour, as Johnny is a part of it. This Decision is sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

Ep: 212 - Wind Therapy with Joe Stazione

Ep: 212 - Wind Therapy with Joe Stazione

February 18, 2020

On this episode I sit down with USMC Veteran and the Director of the Wind Therapy program at 22Kill, Mr. Joe ‘Staz” Stazione.

I’ve known Joe for years and he has been a good friend with a big heart. Joe share with you a little bit about his background. He talks about being a Marine and what he experienced as he transition out of the military.  Joe talks about how he go into Motorcycle riding and how it all lead to working at 22Kill as their Wind Therapy Program Director. So what is this program? This program focuses on introducing veterans, first responders, and their spouses to the therapeutic benefits of motorcycle riding, as well as the camaraderie and supportive nature of the motorcycle community. This multi-phase program emcompasses the Learn2Ride academy for new riders, group rides, retreats, and events and rallies.

Mission of 22Kill: To create a community that raises awareness and combats suicide by empowering veterans, first responders, and their families through traditional and non-traditional therapies.

Take a listen to Joe and see how you can get involved even if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before. Want to learn how to ride? Listen in to see how Joe can help you!

Ep: 211 - HillVets Executive Director, Betty Rhoades

Ep: 211 - HillVets Executive Director, Betty Rhoades

February 11, 2020

In this episode, Host Adam Bird sits down with his good friend and the new Executive Director of HillVets, Betty Rhoads.

Betty is a lawyer by education but realized the traditional practice of law wasn’t really her thing. She found herself having a calling to serve and quickly found herself on a path that lead her to the Federal Government and into the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  She worked in the VA, mostly in housing, helping with the VA home loan programs.  From their Betty found herself in the Non-Profit world working with Jared Allen’s’ Home 4 Wounded Warriors.  Today, Betty finds herself as the NEW Executive Director for HillVets (  We discuss what HillVets is all about, how it got started and talk about their big gala coming up March 25th2020, HillVets 100!  We close the show with Betty sharing a very powerful and inspirational Decision Hour.

HillVetsnon-profit organizationand community of bipartisan Veterans, Servicemembers and supports interested in governance, international affairs, policy and politics.   

Ep: 210 - ReEngage with Adam Zaffuto & Alexandra (Pursglove) Zaffuto

Ep: 210 - ReEngage with Adam Zaffuto & Alexandra (Pursglove) Zaffuto

February 4, 2020

Great episode as I interview a powerhouse couple and the Founders of ReEngage, Adam Zaffuto & Alexandra (Pursglove) Zaffuto.  

We jump in and get to know each of them.  Adam, U.S. Army Veteran with 2 combat tours and Alex who is a certified Executive Coach, Culture Consultant and the CEO of Pace Success Coaching. 

So, what’s ReEngage?  ReEngage is a one-day conference to foster face-to-face connections by bringing together civilians and veterans who have selflessly served the country and bring great value from their experiences to our local communities. 

 This event is special, take a listen as they share how ReEngage came to life and what it means to each of them.  You will get a sneak peak of the amazing speakers and breakout sessions they have lined up for you! To know more about this event, go to their website www.reengagepgh.comand be sure to follow them on Facebook


Ep: 209 - Special Guest, Lindsey Germono

Ep: 209 - Special Guest, Lindsey Germono

January 28, 2020

This is an uncut episode with our good friend Lindsey Germono.  We just hit record and whatever happens, happens… And WOW, it was a lot of fun, filled with a ton of laughs!

Once we settled down a bit, we got to Lindsey’s background a bit better, how she started Germono Advertising Company ( and then discuss the importance of social media, and networking in today’s business world.  Why as a business owner should you be doing both? Listen in to find out.   Lindsey is someone who is great at what she does, we trust her and this episode she gives you, the listener, some valuable information.  Get ready to laugh, have fun and take notes!

Ep: 208 - Special Guest, Dr. Jason Piccolo

Ep: 208 - Special Guest, Dr. Jason Piccolo

January 22, 2020

Very Special Show today as we have #CommunityHero Dr. Jason Piccolo joining us. 
Dr. Piccolo is an U.S. Army Veteran, a former special agent and supervisor with the Department of Homeland Security, a former U.S. Border Patrol agent near the Mexico Border and went on to work with the prestigious White House Security Council’s Human Smuggling Cell.

Jason is an author, his books include, 

Out of the Shadows: A Government Whistleblower’s Firsthand Account of How The Protection Of Migrant Children Became A Political Firestorm.And Unwavering: A Border Agent’s Journeycan be purchased on Amazon.  We talk about the books a little bit in this interview and how they came to be.


Jason is also a podcaster with an amazing show called The Protectors w/ Jason Piccolo. His show is a must listen in our book!  He spends time interviewing what he calls our Nation’s “Protectors” and those that support them.


 (You can see why we say his show is a must listen!)


We wrap up the show with Dr. Piccolo sharing his “Decision Hour” it’s one that is truly unique, and we have never heard anything like it on the show before…  You don’t want to miss this!  LISTEN NOW!

Ep: 207 - Health Investments with Mr. Jeremy Scott

Ep: 207 - Health Investments with Mr. Jeremy Scott

January 14, 2020

Jeremy Scott is a former collegiate athlete & Cum Laude graduate turned author, speaker, and coach. Jeremy holds numerous health & fitness certifications including; he is the author of two best selling books “Make Success Mandatory” and the nutrition education cookbook “Get Lean Gluten Free”. 

His blog www.jeremyscottfitness.comhas been named one of the top 20 fitness blogs online by Breaking Muscle. He is a 4-x cover model; SHAPE Magazine named him one of the 50 Hottest Trainers in America. Jeremy is an advisor for Men’s Health Magazine and also a Reebok sponsored athlete. 

Tune in as I interview Jeremy Scott and we discuss the different levels of fitness, health investments, excuses, diet. How do you invest in your health? What does it mean? The biggest excuse people make about fitness is not having time, listen to what Jeremy says about time and inviting in your health, how he breaks it down and what it can do for you overall.  We close the show with Jeremy sharing his Decision Hour on how Jeremy Scott Fitness all got started. What to live a healthier lifestyle?  Then you don’t want to miss this.


Ep:  206 - Holiday Show

Ep: 206 - Holiday Show

December 11, 2019

It’s the Holiday season and the end of the year show.

They have been MIA for several weeks and well, in this episode they explain why.  A lot has been going on, Adam got married… WHAT! Yup, it’s true, he also had surgery, hunting trip and more that he explains what has kept him from doing a show the past several weeks.  Then they get down into the Holiday/Christmas season, likes and dislikes, some holiday funnies and more.

Adam and Patti also give a heartfelt TAHNK YOU to all of you for joining the new Facebook group and all who continue to listen, THANK YOU.  We will be back early Next Year with some updates and what’s to come in 2020. In the meantime, enjoy this episode (rate us on iTunes) and have a safe and wonderful Christmas season!

Ep: 205 - Exclusive Interview with Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Mr. Sean Gasaway (a.k.a. Gasoline)

Ep: 205 - Exclusive Interview with Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Mr. Sean Gasaway (a.k.a. Gasoline)

November 7, 2019

In this episode, we talk with Sean Gasaway, who is an award-winning singer/songwriter, publisher, record executive, and record producer also known as GASOLINE. Sean was born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and now resides in Nashville, TN.  Sean discusses how he became a full-time singer/songwriter and how he appeared in front of 75,000 Pittsburgh Steeler Fans at Heinz Field performing one of his hit "Stomp" and The National Anthem.


Sean has been in the music business for over 25 years, and has successfully written songs that have been published in all major genres including Rock, Country, Rap, Gospel, R&B, and Pop. Sean has and is currently writing, performing, producing, and touring with bands including 3 Doors Down, Cowboy Troy, Mickie James, The Ying Yang Twins, Analise Hoveyda, Deborah Allen, Kat Perkins, The Highway Women, and Rachel Stacy to name a few.


Take a listen and hear his ‘Decision Hour’ and how it came to be, then as a special treat, take a listen as we close out the show with a new song by Sean called “Inner Peace”


"Inner Peace" by Gasoline

Written by Sean Gasaway, Mike Ricchio, Daniel Kamzan

Permission by Gasaway Music (ASCAP) and Bell Records Nashville


Ep: 204 - CEO of SAVE Home Front, Mr. Jax Young and the Crew from Orange County Choppers

Ep: 204 - CEO of SAVE Home Front, Mr. Jax Young and the Crew from Orange County Choppers

November 2, 2019

We sit down with Army Veteran and Founder of SAVE Home Front( Mr. Jax Young (a.k.a. Gods Cowboy).

SHF mission: “We provide Veterans ready for a change, a help up, not a hand out system so they can integrate into their communities.”

Jax shares with us his story from being homeless to how SHF came to be and shares his “Decision Hour” #veteransinlove. We also talk about a custom bike build that took place… 100thAnniversary of Veterans Legacy Edition…

Here’s the surprise… Jax didn’t come alone to this interview, he brought some friends along, Mr. Paul Teutul Sr. and the Crew from Orange County Choppers (! We discuss the build of the bike, what it means to everyone involved and when it will air so you can watch the build from start to finish!