Ep: 106 - Sean Lau - Veteran Recruiter at GoDaddy

October 20, 2017

Was great to sit down and talk with 22yr U.S. Navy Veteran and Veteran Recruiter at GoDaddy Mr. Sean Lau.  Sean talked about his background in the military and his role at GoDaddy.  He spoke very highly of GoDaddy and the Veteran Employee Resource Group and how they welcome new veterans to the company.  We discussed the “Veteran Culture Tour” that will be taking place on Oct 26 at GoDaddy’s Tempe office in Tempe, Arizona.  


If you are a veteran or spouse of one, go and check out this open house that GoDaddy is putting on.  This company is all about veterans, and little known fact for those that don’t know… GoDaddy Founder is a veteran. For more informatioon on the event, go to